What is an ISLE Book?

An ISLE Book is a beautifully crafted personalized reiteration of your wedding. Combining sleek design with luxe details, we pair expertly curated images with and an authentic, fully customized narrative, to infuse your story with the depth of emotion and honesty that it deserves. Our Creative Director curates the images, our Designer creates the layout and our Copywriter collects details from your wedding so nothing goes undocumented. This is a forever capsule.

Describe the quality of the book? Pages, cover, etc.

- Finished Size: 8.5” wide by 11” tall by 0.5” thick

- Average Page Count: 120 pages (60 spreads)

- Innerside Pages Paper Type: 100# Matte, Uncoated Finish

- Outerside Cover Paper Type: 16pt. UV Finish


Are your wedding books a Lay Flat album?

Nope! Our books are crafted to fit seamlessly into your home decor—whether that be snug in your bookshelf, or understated on the coffee table. Our books are designed to tell your story with modest design.

How many pages are your books?

Our books range from 120-140 pages (60 to 70 spreads). We are unable to print over 140 pages, and recommend books to be at 60 spreads minimum.

How many images are selected for the book?

We suggest a total of 100 to 140 images in total. ISLE books are unique and offer more images than a traditional wedding album. We include images and content that offer an honest portrait of each couple and their wedding day.

How many items should we include for content?

We ask each couple to fill out a questionnaire, and in addition we love to include thoughtful details from the day such as weather of the wedding day, wedding dress and suit/tux details, stationery details, cake and caterer details, quotes, speeches, vows, timestamps for each section to have timeline of the day and venue details. We believe these details compliment the imagery to fill out the corners, and capture your day.

How and when do we fill out our content?

You’ll receive an online form for both you and your partner to fill out one month before your wedding date. If you’re purchasing ISLE after your wedding, our team will send over the form shortly after we are in contact.

How and when will the vendors fill out their content?

Vendors will fill out a similar online questionnaire to your’s. We’ll provide you with this form, which you’ll pass along to your vendors. Please ask about our tips sheet for more insight on asking your vendors for gathering content for your books. It’s important to collect these filled out forms before the wedding day so all of the details remain accurate while still fresh. We find that having the couple reach out to the vendor yields more personal details and anecdotes—as you already have a relationship built with them.

If you’re wedding has already occurred then we will have you and your vendors fill out the questionnaire after the fact. It is preferred to collect the details beforehand, to keep the focus on the day, and to capture the sense of presence, rather than looking back in attempt to recreate it.

Why 3 books as a minimum?

Sharing is caring and because 3 is better than 1! We’d love for you, and both sides of your family to have a copies of your books.

Do you offer discounts?

At ISLE, we do not offer sales, and instead we offer honest pricing, always. We stand by the work of our creatives, and take on a limited number of projects per year to provide the right amount of attention to each couple and their wedding day.

How long will it take for me to receive my book?

We have a maximum of a 90 day turnaround time. We aim for a 45 day turnaround, though since this is an in depth collaboration we understand that life sometimes may get in the way. With that said, on average it takes 60 days before going to print after your revisions are finalized.

How do we send you our photos?

Once you’ve received your images from your photographer you can begin by sending us your online gallery, password, and the download pin associated with your gallery.