Partner FAQ’s


What is an ISLE Wedding Book?

An ISLE Book is a beautifully crafted personalized retelling of your clients wedding. Each Book combines sleek design with luxe detail, expert curation of your images, and a fully customized narrative to infuse each story with the honesty and depth of emotion it deserves.  Our Creative Director curates the images, our Designer creates the layout, and our Copywriter collects details from your client’s wedding so nothing goes undocumented.

Describe the quality of the book? Pages, cover, etc.

  • Finished Size: 8.5” wide by 11” tall by 0.5” thick

  • Average Page Count: 120 pages (60 spreads)

  • Innerside Pages Paper Type: 100# Matte, Uncoated Finish

  • Outerside Cover Paper Type: 16pt. UV Finish

Are these books layflat?

Nope! These are perfect bound Books. Our Books are crafted to fit seamlessly into any home decor—whether that be snug on a bookshelf, or understated on the coffee table. Our books are designed to tell a story with modest design.

How many pages are your Books?

Our books range from 120-140 pages (60 to 70 spreads). We are unable to print over 140 pages, and recommend books to be at 60 spreads minimum.

How many images are selected for these Books?

We suggest a total of 100 to 140 images in total. ISLE books are unique and offer more images than a traditional wedding album. We include images and content that offer an honest portrait of each couple and their wedding day.

How can I show an ISLE book to my couples?

You can send them a digital sample OR you can share a copy of your own Book after your client has placed their first order with you. During the ordering process, we will contact you about having a Portfolio Book sent to you directly. To have a sample Book PDF emailed to you, please email us at


When should my clients place an order?

We highly recommend that we begin working with your clients before their wedding date although a reservation can be made even if the wedding has already taken place. Our process begins with our discovery phase where we send out a brief questionnaire to begin gathering narrative content. In addition we love to include thoughtful facets of the wedding day such as weather, wedding dress and suit/tux details, cake and caterer info, quotes, speeches, and vows so there are timestamps for each section laying out a true to life timeline of the day. We believe these written nuances compliment the imagery to fill out the corners and capture each couple’s special day.

Who selects the images for my clients Wedding Books?

Our creative director will select the images and work directly with your couple throughout each presentation and revision.

What is my role in the process?

We’d like to take the workload off the photographers hands completely! Consider us your personal design studio, we will handle the design process with your clients from start to finish. Once you’ve sent over the link to their final wedding gallery, we will only then begin our design process.

Who is responsible for gathering content from vendors?

Your client will be responsible for gathering content they’d like to include in their Wedding Books. We find that having the couple reach out to any vendors yields more personal detail and anecdotes—as they already have a relationship built with them. For more information on the process please email us directly at

Why do I need to make a reservation?

In the simplest possible terms, making a reservation and placing your deposit assures that you and your Books are given the time, focus, and creativity they deserve.  In this world of instant gratification we embrace making an investment in our couples, in being the ones to chronicle your special day. A large part of this investment involves moving things at a pace that allows time to capture the nuances of your wedding journey and thoughtfully design Wedding Books that can transport you back to that day the moment you open them.  

Portfolio Books

What is a Portfolio Book?

A Portfolio Book is similar to ordering a studio sample album, but this Book will not only highlight your work but the work of vendors you work with. The design of our Books is clean and utilizes a lot of white space to amplify the work of the photographer. A Portfolio Book is a great addition to your marketing materials— planners and venues love having a copy of an ISLE Book to share!

When can I order portfolio books?

The best time to let us know you’d like to order Books is when your clients first reach out to us. We will email you letting you know when your client has decided to purchase Books and from there you can decide on purchasing Portfolio Books.

*Please note, Portfolio Books can only be purchased prior to Books being printed*

What is the price of a Portfolio Book?

$99, this includes shipping.

Pricing & Commission

Do your prices include design and print?

Yes! We work directly with each of your couples to execute the design as well as printing and shipping of their Books. This means no more album revision work for you!

How much do ISLE books cost for my couples?

Pricing begins at $1700.00 for 3 Books, this includes all design and print costs. ISLE Books start in packages of 3 but there’s no limit on how many Books can be ordered.  

Why commission?

We respect your lens and the gaze with which you take in the world around you and want you to know you are valued.  We want you to get paid sooner rather than later and know very well the extended cycle of time and effort put into designing wedding albums can often make that difficult.  With this system you will simply receive your payment within 7 days of your couple making a reservation.

Why are they listed at this price point?

ISLE Books are customized for each and every wedding, no two Book packages are ever the same. Our job, as creative explorers, is to collect your story and your images to create a memento that can be treasured for generations to come. We believe in investing in and supporting the creative professionals that curate and design your books which is key to crafting the highest quality product while saving on printing costs as compared to a traditional hardcover album.

Do you offer discounts?

ISLE Studio does not have sales or discounts but instead we offer honest pricing, always. We stand by the work of our creative professionals and take on a limited number of projects per year in order to provide the deserved amount of attention to each couple and their wedding day.

Why 3 books?

We understand that parent albums can be difficult to sell and we think it important for your couple and both sides of their family to be able to share these memories and have a timeless work of art.  

How much are your slipcases?

Isle Studio now offers custom, handmade slipcases for your Wedding Books. The slipcase is designed to compliment the clean, modern look of your Wedding Books. The two neutral fabrics coordinate with the book typography, letting the colors of your day stand out and striking a balance between masculine and feminine. Velvet lining not only protects your Book but adds to the luxe feel of the box. The cost per slipcase is $80.


Who are your partners?

We want to empower our partnered photographers with our unique Wedding Books and truly believe these partners have the innate ability to transport their clients back to the beginnings of their love through images and stories.  We are seeking a select group of professionals to partner with us who share our dedication to exceptional customer service and appreciation of the value of print and the timeless quality it can bring to a work of art. When we make a commitment to our partners we want that pledge to be mutual and for the benefit everyone involved.  For more information on becoming an ISLE Partner please click here.


What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is 60 to 90 days. Working directly with your clients we’ve found that on average the process from gathering content, to revisions, and then printing can take a few months. While this may seem long we believe that providing three revisions to each client help tell their story best. In a world that operates on instant gratification we aim to slow down and cherish the wedding process through all stages.

How do you ship your clients books?


Do you ship directly to our client?

Yes we can and prefer this to save you some steps!

Where do you ship?

Currently in the USA, but stay tuned for international shipping.