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We start this journey with you and our Planner, and begin discussing your vision, timeline, and budget. We will review what you can expect during our unique process, and provide you with a brief questionnaire, with similar sheets for your vendors, so we can gather crucial details. This step is so valuable because it is where we collect the nuances that will bring back all the romance and love you felt that day every time you open your Book. 


You will work closely with our Planner, Curator, Designer, and Wordsmith to curate your personal time capsule. You will review 3 presentations during this phase and can make alterations as needed. And remember, we thrive on making this as easy as possible for you.  

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Once you give final approval of your third design presentation, we begin printing your Books so you can hold and enjoy them as soon as possible.


Because unique design and a commitment to excellence are critical to the success of every project we are keeping the number of reservations for 2019 and 2020 limited.  Please get in touch today to make your reservation.