A Bespoke Wedding Book: Your Modern Heirloom


Many times deciding how to commemorate your wedding for yourself and for your loved ones comes as an afterthought to the more prominent concerns in the wedding process.  Planning a wedding that truly reflects you and your partner as a couple and the future you are building takes an amazing amount of effort and, more often than not, the actual day will whirl around you leaving a beautifully hazy impression that seems over before its really begun.  A critical part of the process has to be finding a keepsake as unique as your style and story to reminisce with and share with those closest to you for years to come.

You certainly don’t want a wedding album made with a preset template after all the design and consideration you put into your perfect day and there are so very many of those out there to see. This is where ISLE Studio comes in, to shepherd you through the creation of a Book specific to you and your narrative. A truly memorable heirloom and beautifully personalized retelling of your day. Bespoke Wedding Books from ISLE are perfect bound and crafted to fit seamlessly into your home decor—whether that be snug in a bookshelf, or understated on the coffee table.


These Books are designed to tell your story with sophisticated, modest design while also taking the time to highlight those small nuances that will bring the magic and romance of that day rushing back with every turn of the page. ISLE takes thoughtful details from the day such as weather, wedding dress and tux features, speeches, and even the current moon phase to complement the imagery, fill out the corners, and truly capture your day.

Historically photographs were intended as a tactile memory but in a progressively digital age, we tend to forget the importance of reliving a moment this way, often leaving it on a screen where we cannot feel it’s true depth. An ISLE Wedding Book brings the full sensory experience of a photograph to life and their creative team transforms the joy and imagery from a one of a kind day into a personalized piece of art dedicated to love.